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A function to produce M fragments of DNA with length of I

I want a script in R, which creates M fragments of DNA with a length of I but with GC content of >70% I know this gives ...
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For loop in Python goes wrong

I have mutation status (0,1) for ten genes in ten cancer 3D models I have also gene expression in these 3D models, like ...
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Replace a string in a column of a text file based on matching string listed in another file using linux

I have multiple sets of files, so I grepped the list from a column in a seperate file such as file1.txt. I want to change all other files by using this file1.txt based on a matching string. for ...
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How to rename a file based on a directory name?

I have a lot of FASTA files that I recently scaffolded with RagTag. The output of RagTag includes a directory for each sample and the corresponding FASTA file written as "ragtag.scaffold.fasta&...
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