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MAGs transcriptomics pipeline question

I have currently a following problem. I have a one sample that I did my metagenomics on (Illumina shotgun + nanopore) and have recovered some high quality MAGs. I also did a metatranscriptomics on the ...
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How to get the GO information for all the human genes?

I would like to retrieve a list of all the human genes and their proteins’ functional classification. The Gene type attribute on is not specific ...
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Gene Ontology equivalent - higher specificity?

I've recently discovered OrthoVenn2, which I'm using to compare proteomes and extract likely clade-specific genes. I'm enjoying software, and one of the things it offers is a breakdown of protein ...
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SwissProt Proteins into my Jbrowser

How is it possible to get the SwissProt Proteins into my Jbrowser in the same way like shown below? Thank you in advance,
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Downloading full search results from BlastKOALA?

I have just started using BlastKOALA KEGG which has been useful in annotating (aminoacid) sequences. This is their website: When you get results, there are links for ...
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How to run SIFTER stand-alone version

I have downloaded the core version of SIFTER. I am not able to run it because I get the following error. ...
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