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Manta SV caller: I can't find a file in the path specified by the user guide

I trying to locally reproduce a Manta run as seen in the log of an illumina basespace RNA-Seq Alignment tool v1.1.1 run I've done. The log reads as follows: ...
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RNA-Seq type and and optimal fusion detection [closed]

There are several popular types of RNA-Seq library prep which are frequently used: total RNA (with and without ribosomal depletion), mRNA-Seq/poly-A, and targeted mRNA-Seq/RNA exome. What would the ...
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Generating list of known fusions for Arriba from COSMIC

The RNA-Seq fusion detection program Arriba features the ability to white-list known gene fusions, specifically the authors recommend using COSMIC as a source of these here. Specifically they state: ...
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