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The Gene Ontology (GO) is a collection of annotations of genes from multiple species to terms describing the functional role of those genes. The terms are organized in a graph structure that allows for propagation of information. See

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Retrieving a list of human genes having GO associations

I need a command in R to retrieve all human genes associated with a Gene Ontology entry. I tried to look for it online but did not find it.'s user avatar
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Obtain CD (cluster of differentiation) marker expression information

There are 394 CD marker genes. Various resources (BD handbook, Abcam guide) contain information about which cell types express which CD markers. What is the best way to obtain or download this data so ...
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Retrieve all genes for a specific gene ontology

I'm having a bit of confusion about how can I retrieve all the genes that are associated to a specific gene ontology. Lets say I need to find all the genes that are associated with this GO entry: ...
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