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24 votes
4 answers

Tools for simulating Oxford Nanopore reads

Are there any free open source software tools available for simulating Oxford Nanopore reads?
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15 votes
3 answers

Publicly available genome sequence database for viruses?

As a small introductory project, I want to compare genome sequences of different strains of influenza virus. What are the publicly available databases of influenza virus gene/genome sequences?
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9 votes
2 answers

How do PCR duplicates arise and why is it important to remove them for NGS analysis?

I am trying to understand PCR duplicates in NGS analyses (actually whole-genome). I searched, and the best answer I found is in this blog. However I don't understand if I understood how PCR ...
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Extract reads from bam files by their @RG

How could I extract reads from bam files by their read groups @RG ?, I've got one file containing all reads for 5 samples, the SM is appears NONE, So, I want to extract each sample reads by the @RG ...
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