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Genomics is an interdisciplinary field of science focusing on the structure, function, evolution, mapping, and editing of genomes.

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Somatic tumor only variant calling?

I'm evaluating possibilites for somatic tumor variant calling without paired-normal samples. I'm aware of the consequences without a normal sample. All the popular variant calling tools such as ...
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The state, limitations and comparisons of large variant stores

Background: We're increasingly needing some way of storing lots of variant data associated with lots of subjects: think clinical trials and hospital patients, looking for disease-causing or relevant ...
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ethnicity check either from bam or vcf files

What tool could I use to check the ethnicity of a human bam or vcf file? I would like to use the results as a QC check to know whether a given sample or set of samples match the ethnicity information ...
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Difference between bioinformatics and cheminformatics [closed]

Anyone can answer, and should be in simple way
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STACKS: process_radtags only reads 1 input file and returns >90% barcode not found drops

I am trying to demultiplex some paired-end ddradseq data and am running into an issue with STACKS in that the program only seems to read 1 of my files for input (there are 2) and also results in over ...
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Transcription factor targets for Human and Mouse genes

I want to get transcription factor targets for my list of genes (For Human and Mouse) I have found ENCODE Transcription Factor Targets database (The link is given below). But I am looking for some ...
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what is the most complete vcf file of population allele frequencies that can be built/downloaded from public datasets?

What is the most complete vcf file of population allele frequencies that can be built/downloaded from public datasets nowadays? About 5 years or so ago, it used to be the latest release of the CSHL ...
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