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Determination of the genotype (for example SNP, allele, heterozygote mutant, etc.) of a sample.

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What is the correct way of setting the genotype after splitting multi-allelic sites in a VCF file?

This question was also asked on Biostars Consider this minimal VCF file which contains a multi-allelic call made by a somatic variant caller on a human tumor sample: ...
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Does pooled sample genotyping microarray analysis exist?

I want to genotype samples in small batches with a common microarray (e.g., the GSA). However, the cost is very high for small batches. With a higher sample throughput/volume, per sample cost becomes ...
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RNAseq SNP discovery: deciding upon filters and dealing with allele expression bias

I am working with non-model plant RNA samples which we have been deep sequenced and analysed using STAR aligner under default parameters. Aim We would like to conduct SNP discovery of these samples. ...
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Genotype quality in VCF for haploid calls

I cannot find in the VCF specs what is the default value of Genotype Quality GQ for haploid calls. In such case, is the default the missing value ...
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Male DNA genotyped with Illumina GSAMD gives two alleles for certain loci within sex chromosomes

I have a tab-separated file (the columns are rsID CHROM POS GENOTYPE) generated by Diganomics with Illumina GSAMD (v2.2) from male DNA, and there are a few hundred loci within X or Y chromosome that ...
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Running IBD using PLINK --parallel (v2)

I have merged two huge .gen files with roughly 500k samples in total - around 3 TB. I wish to run an IBD (identity by descent) check to identify if there are ...
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GBS: clustering of PCoA axes with R package mclust to describe identity by missingness

I have a SNP dataset with 56 populations and 430 samples that was produced by GBS sequencing. I need to identify groups of samples that have similar patterns of genotype missingness, since there is ...
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Convert genotyping results to vcf or other plink formats

I used a Genotyping software called T1K to generate KIR genotyping, the output file contains genes and alleles for each sample, how can i convert the results to a vcf file or other formats which can ...
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Combine gvcf for whole population or for different phenotypic groups?

I created 400 or so gvcf files (g.vcf.gz) using the gatk HaplotypeCaller. These files show populations for three distinct traits (HR, MR, HS). Now, I want to use gatk GenomicDBImport to combine gvcfs ...
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