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Genetic code involving inherited DNA present as a single copy, which for eukaroyotes is the mitochondrion and in bacteria is the complete genome.

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Weird data in VCF file

I am using GATK HaploTypeCaller for SNP calling. I have 300 samples. As far as I understand that if a sample is missing a SNP it should be denoted by ./., however, I am getting a lot of values like 0/...
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How to calculate switch errors on plink formatted phased genotype data?

everyone! I'm working with haplotype inference algorithms in pedigree genotype data, and I would like to know if there is a tool or script to calculate switch errors on phased pedigree data (Plink ...
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Why does gene count increase drastically after scaffolding with Hi-C data?

I have a conceptual question. I have a diploid, outcrossing plant genome assembly of ~1.1 Gb size. The original assembly is generated from PacBio reads. After genome annotation with the ...
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How to format the Nexus file to create geographical maps with haplotypes in PopArt?

I'm trying to create a map in PopArt that allows me to visualise the distribution of several species. These are my Traits (=species) and GeoTags blocks: ...
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How to plot a graph of Linkage disequilibrium with limited information

I have a snp information in an excel file and I used SNPstat to do some analysis. But I also need a plot of LD for these snps. But my file is not formatted as the most programs required (.ped, hapmap, ...
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