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How to use hashsolo for demultiplexing hashtags?

I am trying to use hashsolo and I want to make sure that I have done things correctly. I did the below: ...
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How to analyze hashtagged data with scanpy?

I used hashsolo to demultiplex my data and I am a bit confused as to how to continue the analysis. Following hashsolo my samples look like below: ...
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2 answers

How to write a hash function for canonical kmers?

This question is a follow up from How do kmer counters determine which kmer is 'canonical'?. In that question we learned that kmer counting programs use a 2-bit hash function to internally represent ...
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Are there any rolling hash functions that can hash a DNA sequence and its reverse complement to the same value?

A common bioinformatics task is to decompose a DNA sequence into its constituent k-mers and compute a hash value for each k-mer. Rolling hash functions are an appealing solution for this task, since ...
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