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The Human Genome Project was a scientific research project with the goal of determining the sequence of human DNA.

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How can I find the position of every mutation where the Allele Frequency is greater than X, in regards to a reference such as Hg19?

I have a Human genome sequenced in a BAM file (along with other files with the indels, snps, cnvs). I want to find every mutation with regards to the reference Human genome. However the majority of "...
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Associating SNP and GENE

Assuming I have SNPs data using hg19, how can I know which SNP belongs into which Gene? The data looks like: chr10_103577643 chr10_124712463 and so on. I ...
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Accuracy of the original human DNA datasets sequenced by Human Genome Project?

The Human Genome Project was the project of 'determining the sequence of nucleotide base pairs that make up human DNA, and of identifying and mapping all of the genes of the human genome'. It was ...
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