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Use this tag if your question is about translating some identifiers to others or about the rules of certain identifiers.

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David tool online not converting most genes

I'm using DAVID tool online, in order to perform functional annotation chart. I extracted the most relevant genes from a dataset (GSE73304), but have the problem that DAVID is not able to understand ...
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Is there a FASTA Sequence Description Nomenclature to Indicate a Split Sequence or Subsequence?

I have a nucleotide sequence where I am interested in aligning reads distinctly to one or another portion of the sequence. However, I would like to use a visualization tool such as IGV to view these ...
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Why is Clostridium difficile toxin A + B outdated in snomed?

I'm looking at the new version of the Snomed dictionary and the concept 707993000 Clostridium difficile toxin A + B (substance) is deactivated (and outdated) since ...
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