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Jupyter notebook is a widely used IDE in data science particularly used for Python, but can be used for any language.

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Reading a Fast5-file with Python

I am trying to extract data from fast5-file with python 3.9.13 in Ubuntu. I have found a library "fast5_research"(This package comprises an API to HDF containers used by the research groups ...
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Visualize RNA co-folded secondary structure with Python

I would like to visualize the secondary structure of co-folded RNA strands in Python, preferably in a Jupyter notebook. What are the recommended tools? Can anyone provide an example?
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Running a list of apis via Python's request module

I am running the following Python code with python requests in my Jupiter notebook to get cancer oncology id's from EBI-EMBL. ...
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R help in Jupyter notebook?

I'm using this Jupyter notebook to work on R... How do I do the equivalent of ?someFun? When I run that in the notebook, I get: ...
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Number of edges in Graphical Analysis using Jupyter with Go Programming language

I'm trying to learn graphical analysis in a biological setting. The online course suggested using the Go Programming language, so I'm new to it and help to understand why the number of edges that I ...
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How to run Jupyter script on Slurm HPC

Now jupyter installed on the server and I am using below code to plot the rarefaction plot but I am still getting some error. could you please suggest how I can get rid of it? ...
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Raw Data frame manipulation in python

Using python 3 I need to process qPCR sequencing raw data outputs by searching for the first occurrence of a user defined string and then making a new data frame using all lines after that string. I ...
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How can I install bioconductor-gviz and use it in jupyter notebook?

I tried to install gviz in a conda environment, but that library seems to be incompatible to python and r. I tried to setup a clean environment using ...
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