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Can we do NGS library preparation using UMI with large amount of DNA input?

We know that in next-generation sequencing (NGS), the unique molecular identifier (UMI) can reduce or eliminate sequencing or PCR errors and result in very high accurate data. Therefore, UMI is widely ...
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How to represent random sequence elements in SBOL?

In our lab, we work with synthetic biology components with partially random sequences (similar to work in directed evolution). So, for example, we have a plasmid design with several components, ...
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Are sequencing reads written differently when inserts and indexes are sequenced seperately?

I was going over different sequencing library protocols and noticed that the adapter sequence can vary between protocols. In some adapter sequences the index sits between the primer binding site and ...
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if I know the number of sequencing circles can I give this information to DESeq2?

I am trying to understand library normalization in DESeq2. I would like to ask the following: I know that some samples have been run 15 cycles and some others 20, can I give this information to DESeq2,...
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Why do NEBNext indexing primers have sequence between the p5 oligo and index?

In a previous post I asked Why do NEB adapters have non-complementary sequence? Since then, I realized that there is some other sequence in the p5 indexing primer, as well as in the p7 indexing ...
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Why do NEB adapters have non-complementary sequence?

I am making some infographics of different library prep types and noticed something weird about NEB's Ultra II adapters. Molecule 1 is the desired product of the ...
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