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Any existing workflow on Terra that can run multinomial logistic regression?

I need to run multinomial logistic regression on a smaller set of variants e.g. using Trinculo. May I know if there's any existing workflow on Terra that can do this? Thanks.
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Regression plot of a continuous trait - is there a binary equivalent?

Within the GWAS wikipedia page, you can view the following plot: "Illustration of a simulated genotype by phenotype regression for a single SNP. Each dot represents an individual. A GWAS of a ...
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Comparing AUCs: Discrimination of same Control from different Test Group - paired or unpaired? miRNA

I want to compare two AUCs using a bootstraping method from pROC package (roc.test). I have done a classification using Logistic Regression and Serum miRNAs as prediction factors. The Controls are in ...
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What is the pvalue from anova(glm1, glm2, test = “Chisq”) telling me in R when the glms have a negative binomial distribution?

Having constructed two nested negbin glms in R, one has a dropped factor, We can do an anova with test = "Chisq" to ...
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GWAS, MWAS, EWAS: what are the (in)dependent variables?

I started reading some papers on X-wide association studies, where X can be metabolome, epigenome, etc... The authors usually describe which are the dependent and which are the independent variables ...
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