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As a command 'merge' relates to merging two dataframes in either R or Python's pandas

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How to remove redundancy from a gtf file?

I have an annotation file. I would like to remove redundancy, as shown in the example (in the real file, I have a lot of these redundant cases). I would like to consider only one of the following ...
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bcftool merge of 5K samples makes ID a large string

I am using bcftools to merge 5000+ vcf files using this command bcftools merge -l list_of_vcfs.txt I am getting the following error ...
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Subsetting out prefix from genes and merging

I'm working with PTX samples (human and mouse), they're aligned to both transcriptomes and so gene names contain hg38- and mm10- at the beginning of each gene. I have eliminated teh prefixes because I ...
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Title: Error merging VCF files: "The REF prefixes differ: G vs A"

I'm trying to merge two VCF files, but I'm running into an error message that says ...
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