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Setting up MaxQuant parameters for processing proteomics data

This is a follow up to my previous question here. In relevance to my research, I've been looking for proteomics data (control vs. diabetic) and I found a dataset in the article "Diabetes causes ...
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How to tune and use the MetaVolcanoR package

I conducted a differential expression analysis over several datasets, using LIMMA, each one on its own. For each dataset, I have a data frame of all the genes, with ...
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Applying colocalization analysis in Asian populations

I am planning to add colocalization method as a post-GWAS analysis in my study which is solely based on east Asian populations. I have noticed that coloc, enloc and eCaviar are being commonly used for ...
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How to perform a meta-analysis using data consisting of paired-end and single-end reads generated from Illumina and Ion Torrent?

So basically I have RNA-seq reads that were generated from Illumina and Ion Torrent platforms for yeast species. I have seen an article where they compared liver cells of a rat that were sequenced ...
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How to decide between standardized mean difference (SMD) and log2fold change (log2FC) before doing meta-analysis?

I want to do meta-analysis of alpha diversity between test and control groups across 10 different populations. I want to see what is the summed effect (pool effect) of intervention between the two ...
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