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How to use Python to count k-mers?

I have some FASTQ sequence files and a FASTA file for some regions I'm interested in. I would like: Build an index for the FASTA file Use the index to count number of k-mers occurred in my sequence ...
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Metagenomics pipeline recommendations for short-read data

de novo metagenomics on viral NGS data is a hot-topic. On this site alone at least 4 specific algorithms have been used to identify multi-strain/multi-species for a given data set, however these do ...
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How do I measure the proportion of different bacteria in a sample from a high-throughput sequencer?

[this question is based on a question that was asked on Reddit] I have sequenced some [mostly cell-free] DNA from a sputum sample on a nanopore sequencing machine, and would like to know what is in it ...
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