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The software developed by Oxford Nanopore Technologies used to control the MinION sequencing device. MinKNOW is used for Flow Cell Platform QC and sequencing. MinKNOW can also be used for live basecalling.

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Locate the saved template of minknow

I am using minknow on ubuntu. After saving the template (settings), where is that file locally stored in the system? Also what is its format/extension?
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1 answer

How does MinKNOW classify 1D reads as "pass" or "fail"?

I have found a couple of sources1,2 that indicate that a read in a 1D² run is classified by MinKNOW as "pass" and put into the fastq_pass folder if both of the ...
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2 answers

Can I stop my nanopore sequencing run if there are no more reads being produced?

I am sequencing a whole genome on MinION. I have used this flow cell for 6 hours for the phage lambda control. That gave me around 300,000 reads. I started a 48h sequencing run on the same flow cell ...
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1 answer

How many reads has my sequencing run produced on minion?

I am running a 48 h sequencing protocol on a FLO-MIN107, on MinION, with DNA library-prepped with SQK-RAD004. MinKNOW is installed on my Mac and controlling the MinION. I have found the following ...
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Set directory where MinKNOW writes FAST5 files

I would like to set the folder in which MinKNOW writes the raw data. How can I do this? I do not currently know where MinKNOW will output my data. What is the default directory where MinKNOW outputs ...
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Can I use my computer while MinION is sequencing without negatively affecting the run?

I have a Mac Book Pro and I am about to start a sequencing run on the MinION. MinKNOW is going to be running for 2 days. Can I use my computer during sequencing? Can I browse the web and use Excel, ...
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Does MinKNOW work with Mac OSX high sierra 10.13.1?

I have done a compatibility check as described here on my computer to know if I can use MinKNOW on my mac laptop. It says that my OS is incompatible and that the OSX must be Yosemite or El Capitan. ...