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Questions specific to nanopore sequencing. For general question about long reads, use tag long-reads instead and for questions about specific sequencer use a specific sequencer tag (i.e. minion, gridion)

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What is the typical host-to-bug DNA ratio found in nanopore sequencing without amplification?

I'm interested in sequencing a human sputum sample using an ONT MinION without performing any type of whole genome DNA amplification or targeted PCR. Has anyone found a good reference (or anecdotal ...
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Nanopore Flongle vs MinION

Ho do the Oxford Nanopore Flongle flow cells perform compared to the standard MinION flow cells, when it comes to reliability and error rates? I found this comparison article from last year, from ...
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Reading a Fast5-file with Python

I am trying to extract data from fast5-file with python 3.9.13 in Ubuntu. I have found a library "fast5_research"(This package comprises an API to HDF containers used by the research groups ...
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Polishing PacBio or ONT with Illumina

Which tool would be good to polish PacBio or ONT with Illumina? Thank you in advance
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Doing functional enrichment of microbiome data

I have done gene set enrichment analysis which is now straight forward. Such as taking gene set and making a query. For microbiome data it is not that straight forward which I found out. Step done so ...
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Nanopore microbiome data analysis 16s rRNA data

The steps I have done so far: used guppy to do base calling from fast5 to fastq. In each barcode file I have 1960 fastq files which I have merged. trimmed the fastq files using NanoFilt Now what I ...
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Train a new basecalling model for nanopore?

Basecalling on nanopore requires a machine learning neural network model, for example here A popular software from Nanopore for it is, which has many people ...
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nanopore QC measures on fastq file

I am working with virus nanopore sequencing data. I have to remove host genome from the reads. I want to run the QC on the fastq file after host genome subtraction. I have used nanoplot. It is slow. I ...
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