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Does PGS Catalog limit the number of queries to their FTP server?

I am calculating a polygenic risk score (PGS) from the PGS Catalog using the following command: ...
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Racon: empty overlap set!

Not sure if anyone can help me with a Racon issue as the developers are not very responsive on GitHub. I am trying to assemble a genome without a reference. I first did basecalling using dorado, then ...
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Nextflow: pass reads variable to process in another script

This question has been asked and answered on Stack Overflow I'm new to nextflow, channel, process. Kindly bear with me. I'd like to create a pipeline, pass paired reads from one to another process. I ...
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Problem with nextflow -resume and path.fromSRA

I have a problem with nextflow -resume Here is my script : ...
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Remove files after process is terminated

In my pipeline nextflow, I create a channel with channel.fromSRA and the channel contains lots of heavy files.fastq.gz. Then I have a first process to unzip files and transform them in files.fasta and ...
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Passing around complex metadata in Nextflow

I have a number of samples (from the 1000 genomes) that I want to analyse using Nextflow. However, I need to keep track of their metadata, fields like sample ID, analysis type etc. So I have a basic ...
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Why is my nextflow script executed sequentially?

I have the following Nextflow script: ...
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parse csv/text file to create a channel with array in nextflow

[![example csv file][1]][1] First I want to start by parsing and doing some operation on a text/csv file. How could I read a csv/text file in nextflow? Suppose, I have above csv file with 3 columns. ...
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