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Problem with nextflow -resume and path.fromSRA

I have a problem with nextflow -resume Here is my script : ...
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Remove files after process is terminated

In my pipeline nextflow, I create a channel with channel.fromSRA and the channel contains lots of heavy files.fastq.gz. Then I have a first process to unzip files and transform them in files.fasta and ...
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Passing around complex metadata in Nextflow

I have a number of samples (from the 1000 genomes) that I want to analyse using Nextflow. However, I need to keep track of their metadata, fields like sample ID, analysis type etc. So I have a basic ...
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parse csv/text file to create a channel with array in nextflow

[![example csv file][1]][1] First I want to start by parsing and doing some operation on a text/csv file. How could I read a csv/text file in nextflow? Suppose, I have above csv file with 3 columns. ...
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