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Noise in statistics refers to statistical variation, where noisy data approximate to a large standard deviation

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How to identify latent variables in single-cell RNA-Seq data

I have a single-cell RNASeq sample, in which I'd like to identify latent variables (e.g. response to stress) that I think might be affecting the clustering. The approach I was planning to use is to ...
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Correcting for noise in RT-qPCR gene expression data

I have a training set of RT-qPCR gene expression data (not run in triplicate) for a batch of samples with two phenotypes $A$ and $B$ on which I've trained a "logistic regression classifier". ...
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Why models of stochastic gene expression predict that intrinsic noise should increase as the amount of transcript decrease

I am reading Elowitz et al. (2002). When talking about intrinsic noise, i.e. noise due to microscopic events that govern which reactions occur and in what order, it is stated that: Models of ...
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