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Single-cell RNA sequencing proper abbreviation [closed]

I wonder which form of a single-cell RNA sequencing abbreviation is correct: scRNA-seq scRNA-Seq In the same single-cell sequencing Wikipedia article, both forms appear. There is also inconsistency ...
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How to convert Sars-CoV-2 ORF1ab codon positions to ORF1b positions?

Some websites mention amino acid mutations as ORF1ab, most however use ORF1a/b instead. So how can I translate from one to the other? What do I need to subtract from say ...
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Is there a FASTA Sequence Description Nomenclature to Indicate a Split Sequence or Subsequence?

I have a nucleotide sequence where I am interested in aligning reads distinctly to one or another portion of the sequence. However, I would like to use a visualization tool such as IGV to view these ...
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What are the meanings of these transcript ids?

I have three types of transcripts for Rosa chinensis "Old Blush" homozygous genome v2.0 from GDR genome browser. ...
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Infer the new (Ban et. al) ribosomal nomenlature (ex. uL53 ) from the ribosomal protein's sequence

I'm trying to programmatically construct a name for each protein subchain in any ribosome from Uniprot in accordance with Ban et. al's 2014 proposal (excerpt given below) using PDB's and Uniprot's ...
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What is the difference between a MeSH concept and a MeSH descriptor

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) is a very comprehensive vocabulary to index the biomedical literature on Medline or PubMed (which is the major Biomedical literature database). MeSH is arranged into ...
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How to interpret amino acid representation

What is the difference between C383S and C383A? For C383S, does it mean Cysteine(C) position 383 in the sequence and its next amino acid connect to it is Serine(S)?
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