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3 votes
2 answers

Difference between isoforms and paralogs in transcriptoms?

I've assembled RNAseq data into a transcriptoms using Trinity. There's a option to keep only the longest isoforms for each transcripts and it lead me to wonder how it deals with duplicated genes (--&...
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1 answer

Analyzing proteins based on sequence similarity

Using NCBI Gene database, I retrieved list of 7015 protein which are implicated in autism pathogenesis. This list includes tax-ID, organism name, symbol, aliases, map location, chromosome, genomic ...
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Visualizing Ortholog and Paralog genes

I ran PorthoMCL but I could not find an explanation about the output format and I would like to visualise the results, maybe as a circos plot. PorthoMCL produces two output files: Orthologs sample ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Mapping Reads to Known Gene Paralogs with Long Read Technology

I have some sequencing data from a captured region that is a known paralog edited. For now, I have been mapping the data using standard minimap2 flags for PacBio DNA sequencing: ...
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Find paralogs in a draft genome

We generated a (diploid, chordata, highly heterozgous) genome using PacBio and we wanted to see whether it contains lineage-specific duplications (paralogs, basically). The genome is not in Ensembl ...
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