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Generally refers to Perl5 and is a much loved computer language of exceptional beauty and simplicity. It is the hallmark of exceptional character.

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Finding common and unique data set by comparing two files based on their column and to split the columns multiple strings to print in output

I have very large sizes tab-delimited .vcf files and want to match these two / or 3 files based on their position and print to a new .csv file File structures: File_1: tab-delimited file (.vcf) ...
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"perl: warning: Setting locale failed." in RepeatMasker

I'm trying to run Repeatmasker in Linux on the command line with: ...
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Trying to show the gaps of each seq on bio::Graphics after converting clustalw

I want a box representing each sequence, positioned as they are in the alignment and with gaps shown as breaks in the each box. I've been having trouble for a while with this and have been trying to ...
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Finding bioperl on cpanmetadb failed

I failed to install bioperl on debian in the following way: ...
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How to interprete PlasmidSeeker results concerning plasmids?

I've been interested in plasmid detection in bacterial genomes. I tried plasmidfinder and this software found only one plasmid in each of my two bacterial genomes. I was dubious about these results, ...
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Error "Can't locate List/ in @INC" when I run

I encoutered some technical problem when learning BLAST as below: After I use conda install blast to install ncbi-blast, and run the command: ...
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tmhmm installation and running

I am trying to predict transmembrane protein using tmhmm-2.0c. According to Package instruction, I have changed the path of perl inside the program like as ...
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Old program make error ProtDeform

Im trying to run ProtDeform on ubuntu 20.04 I need scoring function :/ to my project But error occurs: ...
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What tool(s) can I use to use a .faa file to feed into JSMol?

JSMol, the molecular modelling software, requires PDB file format to work and render the graphics. Currently, I am writing an annotation software - backend in Perl - that takes in a .faa file (fasta ...
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