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Converting VCF file to PLINK bed/bim/fam files

I am trying to find the best way to convert VCF files to PLINK binary bed/bim/fam files, but it seems like there are many varied ways to do this. (For example, using Plink 1.9 --vcf tag, bcftools, ...
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Lifting from hg38 to hg37

I am having strange issues lifting this dataset to hg37 from hg38. I am using the HGDP WGS data from The data set split by chromosome, so I ...
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Interpreting GWAS results with different settings

I did a bunch of GWAS analysis (linear model without covariates) with applying different quality controls. How to choose the optimal settings when filtering for minor allele frequency (maf), Hardy-...
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Making PLINK compatible files from VCF file without phenotype information

I have a big VCF file that I need to convert to, preferably, bed/bim/fam files that are readable by plink. Currently using plink 2. I am aware that this version of plink can be used to convert VCFs ...
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GWAS phenotype data format and preprocessing

I have a set of different phenotypes which I want to use for a GWAS analysis (general linear model). I have a couple of questions and uncertainty about the phenotype data input. I have control and ...
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