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Single mutation in the DNA or RNA for RNA viruses, also known as single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs)

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calculate mismatch frequency/rate from a BAM file

I am working with PAR-CLIP data where experimental procedure induces T to C mismatches. The other types of mismatches we can consider coming from artifact such as PCR errors. It could also be an ...
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How to select point mutations from MAF file

I am using a mutation MAF file from GDC. I want to select for point mutations, therefore I selected Variant_Classification equal to ...
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Are there different PAM matrices for different protein families? - How is the inferred common ancestor known to start with?

I am confused about the sequences one starts with to generate the PAM matrices. The sequences to start with are supposed to diverge by no more than 1% (in sequence identity) wrt a common "...
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