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2 answers

Predict population based on PC coordinates

Utilizing a reference panel, I want to assign most likely population label to each individual in the study. Following are the files I have: Reference panel population labels: ...
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How to open .weir.fst files witout losing data?

I have .vcf file with over 78 000 variations in 95 experiment subjects. I used vcftools to extract fixation index score for general differentiation between Case and Control groups. ...
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Is there any book or reference that explains evolutionary dynamics and fixation probability?

I am a master's student in computational and mathematical biology, with a bachelor's degree in pure mathematics. I am really struggling with my computational biology course, we are supposed to study ...
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How to compute Shanon entropy

I want to analyze some viral sequences. I want to use shanon entropy as a measure to analyze the sequences. However I do not understand the concept of shannon entropy. Would anyone explain please how ...
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How to interpret Mendelian randomization results?

I did Mendelian randomization using this software: ...
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