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Short sequence of DNA which hybridises to a locus within a genome and is used to initate replication of a unit of DNA through the DNA polymerase enzyme. Essential for PCR

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Can Primer-BLAST be run locally?

Primer-BLAST is a tool for designing target-specific primers, available through the Primer-BLAST web interface. Is it possible to run the tool locally instead of accessing it via the internet? Primer-...
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Which software is recommended for sequencing primers selection?

I have a list of primers for sequencing fungal ITS1/2 regions. I also have access to different fungal databases. I would like to perform in silico PCR analysis for comparing different primer pairs and ...
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Mapping List of Probes/Primers/Short Oligos to a Reference Fasta/q

Could you help me bioinformatics SE people. So I have been duckduckgo-ing up a storm and even consulted the AI overlords and haven't come up with a solid way to do this, but it is so fundamental to ...
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LAMP primers design software

What software do you use to design LAMP reaction primers for alignment? So far I have been using Primer Explorer v5 but I am looking for some alternatives. Alignment includes some species from the ...
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How likely is it to find primers sequences in already-trimmed reads?

So, I am analysing 18S amplicon data (fastq files) to be able to eventually investigate the taxa composition. After removing primers (using cutadapt) from both R1 ...
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