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Questions tagged [pymol]

A python-based scripting language to visualise 3-D structures, especially of proteins.

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Using dssp after chain extraction

I have a list of PDB IDs with realtive chains IDs that have to be extracted, and then run on dssp. For the single chain extraction I tried several methods, such as: ...
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How to Calculate Delta Phi Psi between aligned pair of residue between Reference and Target Protein Structure in Pymol

I aligned multiple protein structures from the same protein family to a reference structure in pymol and now I want to calculate the Difference in Phi psi values for each 'aligned' residue pair ...
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Visualise multiple disappearing pdb files in Pymol

I have a sequence of pdb files which I want to load in pymol window so that it gives an impression of a video. I am using cmd.load function in a loop and deleting the loaded file in the next step. But ...
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