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Quality Check or Quality Control. The assessment of the quality of a product, data. For example, in sequencing data, the assessment of the quality of the bases. QC can also include the pre-processing of data to make it attain minimum quality requirements.

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Using QCTOOL v2 to process UK Biobank .bgen files - why so slow?

I’m currently using QCTOOL v2 to process imputed .bgen files from UK Biobank, however they seem to be processing very slowly. Is this normal? My command is pretty basic; I’m filtering out a list of ...
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Removing adapters + primers from fastq files

I am currently in the process of removing adapters and primers from some 16S data acquired, and have a conceptual question regarding this pre-processing step: So there are a series of different primer ...
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How to chose values for QC for a GWAS?

I am running a GWAS on a large dataset. I am using the H3aBioNet QC workflow ( I have run the QC on initial parameters: MAF < 0.01 ...
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Plink error: --check-sex/--impute-sex requires at least one polymorphic X chromosome locus

I am running an analysis in plink. This is my first attempt at a QC and I keep encountering the same message when I try to go through with my sex check. I've done the SNP missingness step, it's this ...
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What is the best QC to do on imputed UK Biobank data?

I am receiving imputed data from UK Biobank to conduct a GWAS on. Previously I have carried out GWAS on genotype data, which I have QC'd for missingness per individual and per SNP, sex discrepancy, ...
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Help with Seurat QC ambiguity

I have four PBMC samples from 10X scRNA-seq ...
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Oxford nanopore promethion; does guppy3 separate fast5 into pass and fail? If not what does?

just a quick question about fast5 pass fail folders. I have been working under the assumption that the fast5 pass fail folders I was given as raw data from our ONT vendor came from them doing base ...
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nanopore QC measures on fastq file

I am working with virus nanopore sequencing data. I have to remove host genome from the reads. I want to run the QC on the fastq file after host genome subtraction. I have used nanoplot. It is slow. I ...
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Interpreting MultiQC plot of GATK BaseRecalibration data?

I'm using GATK4 to build a somatic variant calling pipeline. The pipeline uses MultiQC to aggregate quality control data, and one of the QC measures reported is base quality score recalibration from ...
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Common QC parameters and threshold in human WGS pipeline

I am trying to summarize a list of QC-parameters and its threshold that should be applied for human WGS in general to avoid bad quality of data. Which qc parameters for WGS are you using and why? ...
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RSeQC provided bedfile does not work with

I frequently make use of RSeQC, I used to use it with my own bed file, generated using gtf2bed, but now I thought I'd use the one provided by RSeQC themselves from here, I got the file ...
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3 answers

Why does cutadapt remove low quality bases from the ends of reads only?

I use cutadapt to remove low quality bases from my Illumina reads. The algorithm only removes low quality bases from the end until it reaches a good quality base. If there is a bad quality base beyond ...
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What sequencing data metrics should I record?

I'm new to bioinformatics and Im starting a new microbial sequencing project and I'd like to record all of the qc data correctly. This is research and I'm not sure what I'll need later. Is there any ...
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Filtering imputed GWAS SNPs based on a MAF difference of 10%

There are many posts on the web regarding QC steps pre and post-imputation. Does applying below (new?) 10% MAF difference rule make sense, pitfalls? Here is the process: Get MAF for imputed set, ...
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