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PCR primers for detecting hetero vs homozygous and WT mice in our colony

My PI has asked me for advice on making a PCR screen to identify mice from a particular Cre line. We have multiple Cre lines in the colony so it can't just be for mice with a copy of Cre in their ...
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Choosing the best number of species for assay

I am doing amplicon sequencing of a virus across many different regions. Lets say I have 20k unique variants of the same virus that I put into my pcr assay and after sequencing and amplifications I am ...
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2 votes
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What statistics can I use on qPCR data composed of several runs if all normality tests fail on the dataset?

I have >100 qPCR experiments that I'd like to analyze together, each containing the same set of genes (10 genes of interest and 2 reference genes). I have four different samples (untreated & 3 ...
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How to calculate RNA copies in qPCR using R?

I have these Ct data from qPCR for a series of samples A-H, I want to quantify the RNA copies of my samples using R: ...
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Why is there a minus in the 2ˆ(–delta delta CT) method (qPCR)

Question: Why is there a minus in the 2ˆ(–delta delta CT) formula? My line of thoughs: Consider Ct values of some pPCR ...
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