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tensorQTL interaction issue

I hope that the question has its place on this board. I am trying to run the mapping of cis eQTL using an interaction term with tensorQTL. I am running into the following index error when running the ...
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consortium, biobank or browser with CNV eQTLs

I found that GTEx contains several SNPs eQTLs, but I'm looking for previously reported CNV-eQTLs, where can I find such data (freely available)?
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Applying colocalization analysis in Asian populations

I am planning to add colocalization method as a post-GWAS analysis in my study which is solely based on east Asian populations. I have noticed that coloc, enloc and eCaviar are being commonly used for ...
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Odds ratio and enrichment of SNPs in gene regions?

I did a QTL analysis with a panel of 7M SNPs, and want to analyze the enrichment of the significant qtl-SNPs in different genic regions (promoters, gene bodies, TFBS, etc.). A straightforward way to ...
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Inflated p-values in quantitative trait analysis

I am performing a quantitative trait association between the expression of one gene and ~400,000 methylation values. First, both variables are rank inverse normal transformed, adjusted for confounders ...
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What are the largest fully publicly available molecular QTL datasets?

I'm familiar with the sQTL and eQTL GTEx data that can be downloaded from the GTEx Portal, but I'm interested in gathering at least two other types of molecular QTL datasets: Larger eQTL and/or sQTL ...
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