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Why does repeatmasker annotate transposons of length 1?

I am working on Mac OSX. I have downloaded RepeatMasker from I have downloaded RepBase from I have download the WS266 version of the C. elegans genome from ...
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"perl: warning: Setting locale failed." in RepeatMasker

I'm trying to run Repeatmasker in Linux on the command line with: ...
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find repetitive elements on genome

I'm analyzing mygenome.fa with RepeatScout and RepeatMasker to find transposable elements. I produced a library of Repetitive elements with repeatscout and the I masked TE using Repeatmasker. ...
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Calculate the percentage of the genome that is represented by some sequences

I have construct a repeat libraries using de-novo identification methods. All results from different tools has been combined into one fasta file. How can I get the percentage of how much these ...
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repeatscout freq table

I'm running Repeatscout. I built the l-mer table called myfile.freq of myfile.fa Can anyone tell me what do they mean the second and third columns produced as output? here I report an example: ...
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