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Questions tagged [rna-splicing]

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Parse RNA variant effect annotations ("r." format)

I've got annotations for splicing variants in a format like this (this is one variant): Variant: NM_004092.3:c.88+5G>A Effect: Retention; r.87_88ins1_88+10:p.(Ala31Glufs*23) I want to extract ...
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BAM file filteing to remain best isoform

I ran HiSat2, MarkDuplicate, removed reads with the lower quality score than 40 and finally only kept properly paired reads. After the BAM filtering steps, I used the Scallop results with TransDecoder....
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spliceAI not giving output value while running using vep (Variant Ensemble Predictor)

While generating the predictions using spliceAI from vep, I am not getting any values. I used this command to generate the output, ...
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Do I need to study alternative splicing and isoformswitch separately?

I have done a study on isoform switch between different tissue type. Now, many people asking me to study alternative splicing also. But, dont they will give me same results? If there is a significant ...
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