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The three-dimensional structure of RNA. How to visualise it, determine it from data, analyse its implications.

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Explaining the algorithm of RNA folding: what each symbol & value represents?

I need someone to explain to me from the nuts and bolts how algorithms/ maths is used to work out RNA folding. Explain it to me like I am an alien or child. I am looking at this paper - https://eprint....
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How is that ensemble Free energy is lower than the MFE in RNAfold from ViennaRNA

In the tutorial of RNAfold it states, RNAfold reads RNA sequences from stdin, calculates their minimum free energy (MFE) structure, prints the MFE structure in ...
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What is happening in the Zuker-Algorithm

I am trying to understand the Zuker Algorithm. What is happening during initialisation? I know in Nussinov the diagonal is filled with 0s. Are the diagonals filled with infinite energy during Zuker´s ...
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