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Questions tagged [rna]

Use this tag to refer questions that are related to rna sequence.

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Parse RNA variant effect annotations ("r." format)

I've got annotations for splicing variants in a format like this (this is one variant): Variant: NM_004092.3:c.88+5G>A Effect: Retention; r.87_88ins1_88+10:p.(Ala31Glufs*23) I want to extract ...
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ExecutiveAlign error: atomic alignment failed (mismatched identifiers? )

So I have a molecule (a dsRNA) , that has two conformations. I want to align it in pymol with molecules but I get the following error: ExecutiveAlign error: atomic alignment failed (mismatched ...
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Adapter trimming

I am trying to do adapter trimming, alignment and sorting for a range of large scale paired end fastq files. The code I am using is given below: ...
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Explaining the algorithm of RNA folding: what each symbol & value represents?

I need someone to explain to me from the nuts and bolts how algorithms/ maths is used to work out RNA folding. Explain it to me like I am an alien or child. I am looking at this paper - https://eprint....
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How is that ensemble Free energy is lower than the MFE in RNAfold from ViennaRNA

In the tutorial of RNAfold it states, RNAfold reads RNA sequences from stdin, calculates their minimum free energy (MFE) structure, prints the MFE structure in ...
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Transcriptome analysis

I am trying to assemble reads belonging to two different readlength. Is it a valid way since I am looking for common genes among the species I am assembling.
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about the scaling after normalization and transformation in RNA-seq data

When we use count data in RNA-seq analysis, we usually use normalization and sometimes vst, rlog transformation (DESeq2)or log2(CMP+4) transformation (edgeR) to perform K-means clustering. Can we use ...
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What are the meanings of these transcript ids?

I have three types of transcripts for Rosa chinensis "Old Blush" homozygous genome v2.0 from GDR genome browser. ...
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How to correctly parallelise RSeQC scripts with GNU parallel?

I have a .bam, as ouput from STAR aligner, from which I need to extract some info using RSeQC while using all the computational resources available to increase ...
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How to create a SAF file for virus sequence?

I am trying to create a SAF file for the virus sequence. I can download .gff3 and .gb format for the virus gene sequence but they are not supported by featureCounts. I need to create my own SAF. I ...
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Is there a software that extract molecular descriptors of single stranded RNAs secondary structure from dot bracket notation in nucleotide resolution?

I want to generate descriptors from dot bracket notations of single stranded RNA/DNA secondary structures. So far i have come across this paper:
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Error generating count data using featurecounts in R

I am doing some RNA analysis and am having issues trying to generate count data. I mapped my reads to a reference genome fasta file (genbank fasta file from ncbi) using bbmap and .sam files as the ...
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How to handle control samples in CLIP-Seq

I have a CLIP-Seq dataset I'm processing, which includes control samples and no inputs. This is the second CLIP analysis I've performed to help out users of our genome core facility and the first one ...
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