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A set of contigs, the order of which corresponds to consecutive genomic locations. Contigs can be scaffolded using a reference genome or optical mapping.

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Annotation result for phylogenetic analysis shows no common evolutionary gene in contigs, can i change the contigs?

I'm currently doing my thesis with the topic of phylogenetic analysis and is taking references from the previous person in my university (who have done the same topics but different species). They ...
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RagTag patch error--"Tuple index out of range"

This question was also asked on GitHub I'm trying to correct a long-read assembly with a short-read scaffold; I'm hoping to fill in the short gaps in the scaffold with the matching long-read sections. ...
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Is it possible to determine the genomic context of a gene in a Whole Genome Shotgun project?

I performed several BLAST searches and identified several genes of interest in a Whole Genome Shotgun (wgs) project. I know that gene X is located on scaffold 1234, from nucleotide 1 - 2250, while ...
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