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Questions tagged [scipy]

Refers to a Python module used for scientific computing, hence scipy

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Convert Symmetrix Matrix into Lower Triangular Matrix

I'm using Scipy's pdist function to calculate a distance matrix which is working great but it gives me a symmetric matrix and I want to convert it into a lower-left triangular matrix. This is what it ...
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pip installation within conda env: Error downgrading scikit-learn - WARNING: No metadata

I am trying to get the bioinformatics tool deepbgc up and running. Now I have created a conda environment and have currently ...
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How to measure euclidean distance between points with vtkDelaunay3D package?

I'm working with python vtkDelaunay3D (scipy.spatial.Delaunay) package for a special purpose. Normally the package is used for triangulation/tetrahedralisation. How do I measure euclidean distance ...
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AttributeError [in fastStructure's]: module 'vars' has no attribute 'insum'

I've been working with the fastStructure program and am on the step of analyzing model complexity using the provided script. I have been running into the following error: ...
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How to do enrichment analysis with scipy.stats.hypergeom.sf function

I want to do pathway enrichment analysis in python using scipy.stats.hypergeom.sf function to select pathways that are significantly enriched in at least one tissue....
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