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External sequences that are added to DNA or RNA at one of several stages of the sequencing protocol in order to assess the functioning of the sequencing and accuracy of data analysis. Spike-ins include phage DNA or RNA ERCC sequences that have a known sequence and concentration.

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Normalization of single cell RNASeq data with ERCC spike-ins

I wish to normalize a scRNASeq dataset with respect to ERCC spike-ins, where "for some of the samples, ERCC spike-in RNA was added to the lysis buffer" and was wondering how to do so? I have seen ...
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Is it possible to use spike-ins with droplet technologies?

By reading Bacher & Kendziorski (2016), I found the following statement: recent droplet technologies are not yet able to accommodate spike-ins What's the reason why current droplet ...
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Optimal design for an RNA-seq experiment with ERCC RNA Spike-In Control Mixes

I am planning an experiment on gene expression. I have 6 conditions and 3 replicates in each condition. I would like to use ERCC spike-in mixes for quality check: lower limit of detection, dynamic ...
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checks for spike-in sequence controls

I would like to know what do people verify when designing/using spike-in controls, to be used in sequencing experiments (mainly Illumina). So far I came up with this list: Does it align only to a ...
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