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What column and row naming requirements exist with Seurat (context: when loading SPLiT-Seq data)

I'm trying to use Seurat for the first time and am learning about single-cell analysis for the first time, and I'm doing so with split-seq data. (Full disclosure: I'm also a lightweight when it comes ...
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Low percentage of reads with consistent barcodes in Split-Seq run

I am following this answer to select reads with allowed barcodes from a Split-Seq run. In particular, I have a whitelist for each round of barcodes (3 rounds) and I filter out reads which have more ...
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What is and how to detect a dephased read

In the methods of this paper, the authors say: To simplify analysis, we first removed any dephased reads in our library (last 6 bases of read did not match the expected sequence). I have read this ...
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