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How Does Cox Proportional Hazard Model Describe Interaction between Covariates

I have read STDHA and the documentation for the coxph() function in R. I understand that the cox PH model explores how different covariates simultaneously impact survival. Based on the Lung data ...
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General Question: Statistical Alternatives to Oncoprint

I am a computational genomics student who has recently joined a research lab as an RA. We often work with oncoprints (comuts/heatmaps), and we visualize molecular signatures by reorganizing the comut. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Determining significance of a variable in a glm model

How would one determine the significance of a variable in a glm model? If I, for example, have a dataframe like the one seen below, how would I determine if the origin of the sample has a significant ...
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How to run Cox proportional Hazard model for each group in R?

My population is divided into 10 groups. I want to run the cox-proportional hazard model separately for each of these 10 groups so that in the end i can compare which groups has highest hazard ratio ...
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How to retrieve dataset names from python statsmodels?

The Python statsmodels library grants access to many R-datasets which can be downloaded e.g. with: ...
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