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Questions tagged [structural-biology]

Questions relating to the structure (3-D conformation) of biological molecules, such as protein, RNA and DNA.

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What is a sensible forcefield choice for membrane proteins when using PDB2PQR?

I am generating PQR files for a membrane protein that is almost entirely buried in the membrane. The goal is to calculate the electrostatic charge across the surface of the protein. There are no ...
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(Complete) Stuctural Models of Antibodies: Combining Fc and Fab from pdb to Build Hinge Region? Or what?

I'm a newcomer to the field of antibodies, and I'm seeking guidance on obtaining 3D structures for my molecular simulations. After browsing the PDB databank, I noticed that there are Fab and Fc ...
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Writing to .cif from BioPandas

My question is twofold. First, I've run into an issue working with .cif files and pandas dataframes. With BioPandas, I can read a .pdb file into a dataframe and then go the opposite direction, writing ...
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Energy error margin for protein structures

I would like to know the acceptable error margin for the lowest free energy of a protein. In other words, say, both Group A and B have determined the lowest free energy of the same protein in their ...
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The difference between sequence-independent and sequence-order independent structural alignment?

I am confused about the difference between sequence-independent and sequence-order independent structural alignment. TM-align for example claims to be sequence-independent; however, I've seen it is ...
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How to identify different protein domains using HHpred

I am new to HHpred/ analyzing proteins so bare with me. I have been given an uncharacterized protein, whose FASTA sequence I have obtained from Uniprot. I am looking to do the following by using ...
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