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Is it possible to add one more sample to the result of featureCounts?

I have some .bam files and I also got featureCounts by Subread. But after getting the featureCounts I realized that among my bam files 2 of them actually belong to the same sample. So I wonder if I ...
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How do I tell featureCounts to ignore fragments that overlap with more than one feature?

I am using featureCounts from the subread package to count the number of fragments per gene in an RNA-seq experiment. I feed it a BAM file with paired-end reads aligned to a reference genome. In the ...
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featureCounts segmentation fault on Arch Linux

I am encountering a segmentation fault when attempting to run featureCounts from subread-1.6.3 on even small test data. I installed featureCounts from SourceForge ...
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