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How to obtain file offsets corresponding to range query in block-gzipped file

How can we retrieve the file offsets of the zipped-chunks in a block-gzipped file that contain records for a region/window of interest (e.g. Chr01:100-Chr02:145)? It seems like the CLI of ...
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Tabix queries spanning chromosomes

I can do something like this: $ tabix ${url} ${range} where ${range} spans a region on a single chromosome, e.g., ...
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tabix to subset each VCF by the coordinates given

I have a vcf file like below ...
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tabix indexing a GTEx variant file- ':' delimited

I have a gtex variant file- the head of which looks as follows: ...
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How to troubleshoot access to tabix file via http or https?

I have some BED files that I have compressed with bgzip and indexed with tabix. I am using version ...
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VCF-merge fails due to tabix not producing .tbi files

I'm trying to use vcf-merge to combine 2 exome capture vcf files (~250K and ~330K in size) before trying it on all 96 samples. I'd appreciate any advice on the best way to do that! I've detailed what ...
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