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Use for questions involving the assignment of a taxonomic groups to each species, the ordering of species into categories of different hierarchical value, or the classification of organisms into species, genus, family, order, class and phylum.

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Kraken2 > OTU format > Phyloseq

A collaborator has passed me over Kraken2 outputs *.report and *.kraken, from a metatranscriptomic sequencing experiment conducted on the minION. I would like to make a tree if the data using a ...
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How to apply RDP, Greengenes and other special taxonomies in Krona?

I used Kraken 2 to classify my 16S metagenomic data using both RDP and Greengenes database. As these are special databases the taxonomic ids assigned do not match with the NCBI taxonomic ids. I found ...
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eggNOG API, how's it work?

Background eggNOG uses seed orthologues which correspond to its own internal database, so for example J421_1876 can be placed in its online search engine here. This ...
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Tool that can sort NCBI taxonomy ids based on phylogeny

I have a set of NCBI txids (of varying ranks) that I want to sort in some way (e.g. a table or a tree, the way it is sorted isn't super important), based on the current NCBI data for phylogenetic ...
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Generating taxonomic hierarchy by species/genus name

I am attempting to create a reference library of DNA plant barcodes in the ITS2 barcode region for plants from a specific region (Panama). I downloaded all the sequences for plants that resulted in a ...
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Analyzing a blast result of NGS data

I am analyzing BLAST results from total RNA NGS, pair ends. This BLAST results was performed against the ssRNA virus database download from NCBI. I filtered those read data whose paired ends ...