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Warning message related to tensorflow package when trying to run deepbgc bioinformatics tool

I have come across some related issues pertaining to this tensorflow warning but none related specifically to deepbgc I have created a conda environment and have installed onto it the bioinformatics ...
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tensorflow nn_model for DNA sequences: Matrix size-incompatible: In[0]: [2,1], In[1]: [784,300]

Hope anyone can help a beginner here. I'm building a proof-of concept tensorflow classifier for DNA sequences. However, the NN model does not let through train and test vectors saying the matrix size ...
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How to extract and visualize sequence logos from CNN kernels?

I created a basic CNN architecture using Tensorflow to classify transcription factor binding sites. My aim is to somehow extract and visualize sequence logos from the convolutional kernels. The model ...
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Segment cell organelles with pixellib

I've got some images of cell organelles and I really want to avoid labeling them by hand. The images all look something like the image below. Is there already an existing model specifially for cells? ...
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What datasets are available out there for prediction based on DNA sequences? [closed]

I am looking for publicly available data for a genomics deep learning project. My goal is to compare different architectures to predict biological insights from DNA sequences. I have heard about ...
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