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How to create an Alchem configuration file for NamD simulation?

I am trying to use NamD for Alchem simulation for a bilayer system. I am using the script below as the configuration file, but after the minimization step, I am getting this error: "FATAL ERROR: ...
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Alignment for predicting DNA hybridization?

I am currently working on a Computer Science project where we are trying to build a large set of orthogonal single-stranded DNA sequences. The goal would be to ensure that when put in solution, the ...
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How is that ensemble Free energy is lower than the MFE in RNAfold from ViennaRNA

In the tutorial of RNAfold it states, RNAfold reads RNA sequences from stdin, calculates their minimum free energy (MFE) structure, prints the MFE structure in ...
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Folded Protein Chunk Dimensional Classification?

Are there known dimensional measurements for the classification of folded proteins given a starting chunk/domain as defined by something like the clustering functionality of MSM Builder? Examples of ...
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Is there a software or web server to calculate thermodynamic parameter enthalpy change of cellulase?

I want to calculate thermodynamic paremeter enthalpy change of cellulase, but I don't know what software can do this work. Please tell me, thank you very much !
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