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data visualization RNAseq : scaling data for PCA and cluster dendogram

I have count data from a RNAseq experiment (2 samples are from normal cells and 3 samples are cells with a disease), and the data is already standardized by trimmed mean of M values (TMM). I want to ...
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apply TMM on counts imported from salmon using Tximeta

I used Tximeta to import a summarisedExperiment from the salmon output (used with genocide transcriptome v34). I need to produce 4 matrix of counts: - tx counts in TPM - gene counts in TPM - tx counts ...
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What is the formula for Mg values in TMM normalization for RNA Seq data?

I am reading through the paper "A scaling normalization method for differential expression analysis of RNA-seq data" by Mark D Robinson, Alicia Oshlack, available here. In this paper they introduce a ...
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Error in quantile.default(x, p = p) in EgdeR calcNormFactors

I am trying to run TMM normalization using rpy2 and when I run calcNormFactors() function: <...
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Convert TPM-normalized matrices back to UMI in python

I want to process a plenty of scRNAseq datasets in python, and I want to run TMM ...
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