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I have a partially described gene from a plant, which tool may I use for predicting regolatory and UTRs sequences from a single DNA fragment?

I have a partially described gene from a plant with CDS and 3'UTR described but no 5'UTR; if I know the locus and upstream and downstream regions, is there a tool I can use for predicting regulatory ...
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reliable and popular HLA imputation tools

Could someone recommend me popular and reliable tools for HLA imputation? I'm starting my master thesis project and I will infer the HLA region of 2000 sample in a case-control study; I searched for ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Determination of transmembrane domain limits using multiple prediction tools

Integral membrane proteins are proteins that have at least one transmembrane (TM) segment. I performed predictions of TM domains using three tools: ProtScale, ΔG predictor 1.0, TOPCONS. For example, ...
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Imputing small region of the genome

If I'm looking for a specific SNP in my SNP-Chip data and it isn't there, are there any tools that let me quickly impute that SNP from surrounding SNPs rather than running a lengthy 'whole chromosome' ...
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