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How to investigate the correlation between transcript and protein abundance?

Our study shows that gene A knockout will down-regulate cell cycle-related genes in some cell lines. My aim is to understand whether cell cycle-related genes are down regulated on the transcriptional ...
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What is meant by transcriptional changes executed by the cell over a time period?

I read the following line in the research paper - The dynamics and regulators of cell fate decisions are revealed by pseudotemporal ordering of single cells: During differentiation, for example, each ...
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How can I associate centrality score of genes(vertices) in a GRN with the probabilistic model in terms of cause and effect?

I'm learning to build Bayesian Network Based Modeling of Gene Regulatory Network of Cancerous Cellular Cells. So far, I have learned to form a Bayesian Network based on nature of genes(i.e Functional ...
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What's the meaning of Txn factor?

The transcription factor track in UCSC is named as Txn factor. Why Txn == Transcription?
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Find covariation of different DNA-binding protein binding between two conditions

I have ChIP-seq data of RNAPII and two other factors which we think follow RNAPII during transcription in two different conditions, and I'd like to show that the genes that lose RNAPII also lose the ...
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How to read gene regulatory network edge list files?

The following is an excerpt from an edge list file from the Gene Regulatory Database, YeastNet v3 ...
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Can you tell me where these RNAi’s cleave on the Drosophila melanogaster CG2316 mRNA?

How can I work out at which sites on the Drosophila melanogaster CG2316 mRNA the RNAi`s: 12170/FBti0089992, 12168/FBtp0030589, 107343/FBtp0042163 and 41984/FBst0034349 (stock numbers/flybase ID)...
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